Marimba building package review – How to make a marimba at your home?

Marimba has been attracted thousands of music lovers around the world because its own sweet rhythms and melodies produced. To indulge the passion for marimba, Jim McCarthy released Marimba Building Package that helps you make your own favorite marimba right at home. What could be better than melodies from your marimba! Let’s try it right now!

Now my Marimba Building Package review will show you an overview of the whole program. You just spend few minutes reading 7 parts as below:

  1. What Is Marimba Building Package?
  2. What Will You Learn From Marimba Building Package?
  3. How Can Marimba Building Package Benefit You?
  4. What Will You Get When Purchasing Marimba Building Package?
  5. How Much Does It Cost?
  6. Is It Guaranteed That Marimba Building Package Will Work For You?
  7. Does The Author Provide You Any Support?

Marimba building package

What Is Marimba Building Package?

Marimba Building Package is the program that helps you make exact instruments quickly with step-by-step plans and video instructions. This includes a useful source of information that guides you how to create a homemade marimba as a professional one with a reasonable price.   It’s much easier than you might think! And then, you will enjoy playing your favorite songs. Jim McCarthy is the author of the program. He has experienced over 20 years as a percussionist. He has a special passion for building and designing marimbas for people like you. Marimba Building Package is one of his special offers for you.

Marimba building package

What Will You Learn From Marimba Building Package?

I am glad to introduce great weapons Marimba Building Package obtain:

  • Step-by-step instructions along with guidance videos tell you what you should do exactly.
  • Useful advice on choosing materials, sizes, models, colors, tools of making…You can make various marimbas from any types of wood simply because Marimba Building Package will be responsible for working for you. However, it is suggested that higher the quality of wood is, better the quality of the instrument is.
  • Lifetime member’s forum and Q &A section
  • Monthly lessons and videos updated for you
  • Guide on essential tools of making marimbas right at your home: an electric drill with a sanding attachment, a screwdriver, a wood saw, a small hammer, sandpaper and sanding discs, hacksaw, rivet gun, others commonly found around the garage…

Marimba building package review

 How Can Marimba Building Package Benefit You?

I believe that your hard work will soon be repaid by following proven benefits of Marimba Building Package.

  • You will possess your own marimba that you had to work enthusiastically.
  • Your instrument will be as good as or better than commercial available instruments.
  • You will get PVC pipe that is light-weighting and cheap at any hardware store.
  • You will save much money and precious time to have a real marimba.
  • You will get many bonuses that guide you how to create different types of marimbas.

And so much more

Marimba building package

 What Will You Get When Purchasing Marimba Building Package?

This is a full package you will get when ordering Marimba Building Package:

–  Project Glock – Simple Glockenspiel. Price $9.95

–  Project One – Box Resonated Xylophone Price: $27

–  Project Two – Two Octave Mini Marimba. Price: $39.95

–  Project Three – Three Octave Concert Marimba. Price: $49.95

–  Project 524 – Variable Range Professional Concert Marimba .Price: $73

–  Project V – Concert Vibraphone. Price: $64.95

–  Mallet Making E-Book Guide. Price: $17

Marimba building package

In addition, the author also gives you valuable bonuses:

–  3 bonus sheet music pieces which come bundled with the building guides

–  Piece of sheet music in this package deal only – “Evening by the Fire”

–  FREE Super Bonus #1: Mallet Making Guide E-Book & Video

–  Super Bonus #2: Free One Month’s subscription to Percussion Keys Website!

 How Much Does It Cost?

All 7 e-books plus the eight videos plus the four pieces of sheet music included in Marimba Building Package cost you just $173. You can pay by means of Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal, and your credit card company.

In fact, you would pay $254.85 if you purchased all these e-books individually. So, you will save up to $ 81.85 when buying the whole package. It’s a bargain for you!

 Is It Guaranteed That Marimba Building Package Will Work For You?

Marimba building package downloadThe author gives you 56 days to test the product whether it works for you or not? If you find it ineffective to use, you can contact with the author to get a full refund with no questions asked and no risk.


Does The Author Provide You Any Support?

You can contact with the author via Skype below. Or you can send your questions about the product at the address mail to: jim[at] He is willing to meet you via Skype or answer all of your questions.

Marimba building package review


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