10 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday

You already know that birthday is a very special and meaningful day because it’s time for you, your family and friend to gather and enjoy happy moments. Therefore, you really want to have an unforgettable birthday and you are also super excited to get to know some awesome ways to plan your birthday, right? In order to help you visualize the birthday party that you are dreaming of, we will share with you a list of 10 fun and cool ways to celebrate your coming birthday.

Birthday celebration ideas

Sometimes planning a birthday party makes you face with stress because of money, ideas or even outfit on this day. Thus, we will recommend you a few ideas that you can try in your birthday this year.

1. Celebrate With Parents

Celebrate with parents - Ways to celebrate your birthday

It might be a boring and traditional way for many people, especially for the young. However, you will realize that it is the best thing you can do to celebrate your birthday party. Because parents are the ones who gave you this life and celebrated your birthday when you were not aware of the word itself “birthday”. Hence, your birthday should be the day you send to your parents a card with so many thanks and let them know how much you love them.

2. Book A Villa

Book a villa - Ways to celebrate your birthday

If you have got the money and willing to celebrate a birthday party with your close friends like a king or queen, then this is what you have definitely got to do. Call up your close friends and have a pool party in villa. You can sing and dance, decorate your party in your own way or tell story all day long without shyness, stress and work. Let it be a meaningful day in your life.

3. Have a picnic

One of the most interesting ways to celebrate your birthday with friends is to have a picnic. It can be taken place in a park, lake side or even in the forest. You should prepare food and beverage at home to enjoy after playing outside activities. Besides, bringing a portable barbecue stove to have a barbecue party is also a good idea.

4. Karaoke

Karaoke - Ways to celebrate your birthday

Karaoke is great party that your friends will memorize for years because music is something magical that can connect people. Everybody in this planet loves singing, singing brings you relaxations and great time with your friends. Thus, having karaoke party is also one of the best cool things to do on your birthday.

5. Eat out and go shopping

One of the perfect ways to celebrate your birthday is going shopping or having a meal at luxurious restaurant, in case size of budget is not your problem.You can invite your family members or your friends to go with. Because after all, it is your birthday and it is okay to buy yourself a gift.  Besides, you can stop over at your favorite bakery to purchase a delicious cake to enjoy your birthday. That’s lovely!

6. Adventure

Adventure - Ways to celebrate your birthday

Do you want an amazing and memorable birthday with your friends? Planning an adventure to forest, waterfall, island or just doing some thrilling sports like scuba diving or skydiving will make your birthday hard to forget. It is also one of the best and simplest ways to celebrate your birthday with friends that will always make you smile whenever you think of it.

7. Paint Balling

Gather your close friends and go to the paintball place in your local. Paintballing can help you to release stress and vent your anger and it is something cool to enjoy in your birthday. By doing that way, you will have such a special and unforgettable birthday with the ones you love.

8. Throwback Childhood

Why don’t you celebrate your birthday in a childhood style?

Remember how excited you were about decorating your birthday when you were a kid. It was so much fun and excitement about blowing balloons, preparing birthday cake, buying nice outfits, inviting friends to come to your birthday, etc.…

You can follow my simple idea: Call up your friends have a birthday party at home. Decorate your house with colorful balloons, ribbons and wallpapers. Additionally, organize and play traditional games that were often played in the childhood time. In brief, let bring back the old days to gain happiness in your life.

9. Daytrip

Daytrip - Ways to celebrate your birthday

Planning a daytrip is one of the most effective ways to celebrate your birthday. Daytrip makes you feel fresh and forget about pressure from your life. Just drive to anywhere you want to go and enjoy the air. This cool way can refresh your mind and give more energy to your whole body. It is also a good idea for you to celebrate your birthday alone or with your friends.

10. Day Off

If you had a busy week with your job, then a comfortable day off would be perfect for your birthday. Just simply sleep all day, listen to your favorite kinds of music, cook for yourself or read an interesting book to relax yourself. You will feel better when you come back to work.

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